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Big Accounts the Smart way to do Screening, Tracing & KYC Monitoring, fast and easy!

Botswana's most comprehensive data network leveraging on the power of artificial intelligence for rapid tracing of individuals and companies.

It is a given fact that businesses across industries will need to screen and trace individuals or companies at some point. Therefore, the need to trace people spans multiple situations such as a simple case of having lost contact with a runaway tenant, recover a customer's debt, missing beneficiaries, debtors & creditors, legal witnesses or trace a deferred pension member. Whichever reason, Big Accounts accelerates screening and tracing processes hence saving you costs and reducing the time spent on review and research.

What We Offer


What We Offer

Rapid Tracing

Big Accounts is the smartest way to trace more of your otherwise unreachable individuals and other people of interest; be it runaway tenant, gone-away customer, pensioner, heirs, missing beneficiaries, debtors, legal witnesses, etc. Get it done the fast and easy way.

KYC Monitoring

KYC Monitoring solutions transform manual, inefficient and often ineffective KYC investigation and continuous monitoring work into seamless, digitised processes. Hence freeing up your time for high value core activities.

Safe & Secure

Leveraging on artificial intelligence we scour data from specialized high quality datasets to give you valuable information, and your searches are secured with a 256-bit encrypted connection. Hence giving you increased confidence in conducting your business.

For Professionals

Our systems are trusted and used by leading professionals in the industry to gain a unique competitive advantage and stay ahead. From attorneys, solicitors, creditors, debt collectors, canvassers and probate researchers.

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